Memory LANE

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800x1280_orbs_laneLane is a MemCorder, which means that he wears recording gear while performing extreme sports and other dangerous activities. The gear records his memories of his experiences. Those recordings can then be packaged and sold to the robots, clones and couch potatoes who don’t have the courage to make their own risky memories. Put on a headset and get new memories – You Only Live Once is the marketing tagline.

When the villainous syndicate called FEAR distributes headsets to everyone in the city, Lane discovers that personal identity vanishes at the same pace that memories are replaced.  If ‘you’ are your memories, who are you with a different set of memories? When DISRUPT sends out an agent to stop Lane from inadvertently helping FEAR, the two become lovers and the specter of betrayal hangs over the relationship.

Sample chapters are coming soon!