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800x1280_orbs_gravGrav is a BranePilot who can control gravity in localized areas with graviton branes. Branes are temporarily-solid sheets of energy that can fly through the air and carry anything from here to there. Branes require special pilots, and must be carefully guided because they can disrupt the space-time in the area beneath them.

When the villainous syndicate called FEAR concocts a scheme to use a huge brane to lift Downtown into the clouds, while throwing the city below into space-time chaos, Grav discovers that one person’s weight can have an enormous influence on the world. How much ‘weight’ does your life have as it influences those around you? When DISRUPT assigns a secret agent to undermine Grav’s efforts, the sparks fly as the two become both lovers and opponents in a risky game of betrayal and redemption.

Sample chapters are coming soon!